Monday, 12 June 2017

Youth Alive Pioneers - Q + A

Meet YAD Municipal, one of the two Youth Alive teams who have begun working with Youth Alive on an exciting and brand new project in Navrongo, Upper East Ghana.

Our Team Leaders


Inspiration for becoming an ICS team leader: An interest in Development and experience in the education sector.
Age: 24
Favourite colour: orange
Dream superpower: The ability to freeze time
Destination next to visit: Japan
Guilty pleasure: Cheesy rom coms
Fun fact: Leanne ate a kilogram of sweet corn in one go to fundraise for her placement. Not once, but twice. If that’s not commitment we don’t know what is!

Most likely to: Get goosebumps in Ghana


Age: 27
Inspiration for becoming an ICS team leader: To develop herself in leadership skills, to learn from other volunteers and how the organisation operates.
Favourite colour: red
Favourite music: ‘He Did It Again’ by Sinach
Fun fact: Anita is an identical twin!
                                                                          Most likely to: cycle the Tour de Ghana

Our Volunteers:


Age: 19
Why ICS: Aminah wants to be a part of this NGO.
Favourite colour: yellow
Dream superpower: To be able to feel like an ice cube in this 40-degree Navrongo heat.
Favourite food: Lasagne
Guilty pleasure song: ‘My Girl’, Michael Jackson.

Most likely to: form ICS’ first Navrongo girl band, ‘Navrongo Chicks’

Pearl, aka Auntie Pearl

Age: 25
Why ICS: To experience other cultures, to help people and in her small way find possible solutions to the world’s problems.
Favourite place in the world: London
Favourite food: Fufu and light soup
Favourite body part: her waist
Fun fact: She loves to make people smile.

 Most likely to: Adopt the entire YAD team


Age: 24
Why ICS: So that he can help people in his home community
Dream superpower: invisibility
Favourite colour: red
Favourite body part: his hands

Most likely to: Make it to the UK on a dance scholarship 

Keline Matthew:

Age: 21
Why ICS: to get experience and acquire knowledge.
Favourite colour: green
Dream superpower: flying
Favourite celebrity: Akon
Fun fact: His favourite football team is Arsenal.

 Most likely to: be an undercover agent.


Age: 18
Why ICS: Life experience!
Favourite food: peanut butter
Favourite destination: Seattle
Dream superpower: To be able to refill anything, from a pack of pringles to her bank account.
Fun fact: Is a fantastic dancer and singer.

Most likely to: Be a heavyweight champion 


Age: 22
Why ICS: Wants to aquire new skills
Dream superpower: the ability to jump really high
Favourite celebrity: Jack Appiah
Favourite colour: pink
Ideal holiday destination: USA
Random fact: Sumaya is really good at dancing and has great fashion sense.
Most likely to: break the world selfie taking record.


Why ICS: Wants to do something active instead of just donating.
Age: 22
Superpower: To calm people’s anxiety
Favourite body part: eye balls
Dream destination: Bali for a yoga retreat
Fun fact: Broke her ankle fully in half by sledging age 15
Guilty pleasure: Spice Girls

Most likely to: become a member of a 90s girl pop band, e.g. TLC


Age: 24
Why ICS: to help people while discovering herself and learning and sharing experiences.
Favourite food: Kenkey with pepper and Tilapia
Favourite place in the world: Paris
Favourite body part: her eyes
Fun fact: She loves coming up with new ideas.

 Most likely to: fall asleep at a rock concert


Why ICS: she wanted a challenge
Age: 22
Favourite colour: orange
Favourite celebrity: Simon Cowell
Dream superpower: to fly
Dream destination: India
Favourite body part: her lush lips

Most likely to: Most likely to open Navongo’s first pizzeria.


Why ICS: To build confidence and presentation skills
Age: 18
Favourite colour: white/pink
Dream superpower: to be able to sing
Favourite music: Gospel and Reggae

Most likely to: become a rapper


Why ICS: it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!
Age: 23
Dream superpower: be able to adapt to her surroundings like a chameleon
Favourite colour: orange
Favourite body part: her eyes and lips
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Most likely to: have the cleanest hands on the planet


Why ICS: To learn more about development and experience living in a different place
Age: 23
Superpower: To be able to immediately transport herself to different destinations at the click of a button.
Favourite colour: Blue
Fun fact: Has a scar that looks like a shark bite on her left arm.

 Most likely to: never run out of toilet roll

Check out this blog for more adventures of the Youth Alive Pioneers as they explore Navrongo and set up the YAD (Youth Action Development) project!

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