Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Compass of Our Life

SHS Sensitisations

“A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder” Thomas Carlyle.

We all have a future and a tomorrow to see but sometimes we feel like the future is yet to come, but hey! , the future is actually today, NOW!! . Your future would depend on your daily agenda. If you want to be recognized in society, if you want to leave a hallmark worthy of recognition, then, it’s better to start now. Have a goal and don’t lack a sense of direction.
Pupils at Navrongo Senior High.
Photo credit: Cameron Johnson

If Ghana can attain the sustainable development goals to end poverty, have quality education, then it depends and lies on the shoulders of you and I. And making sure others also see the need as well because development is achieved not single-handedly but collaboratively.

For this reason, the International Citizen Service, Youth in Active Development Team in Navrongo, Upper East Region working in partnership with Youth Alive whose aim is to have a Ghana where every child can live a life of dignity and self-worth organised a talk dubbed “Charting the future, The Future is Now” at Navrongo Senior High School.

Diverse dreams we do have, different aims to achieve but success they say doesn’t come on a silver platter. During the talk, we told them that being in the Senior High School is a stepping stone for
Myself presenting to the SHS class.
Photo credit: Nana Opoku-Ware
greater things ahead and with hard work, time management, having schedule a time table, having an effective revision techniques, knowing your strength and weakness, knowing how you can learn and turning to peers for good assistance, you can reach that height.

Quoting Adams Hoschid “Work is hard , Distractions are plentiful and time is short”, we made them aware that distractions are bound to come our way , eat up the time, but the person who remain focused, straight on what to achieve, stay discipline, not badly influenced, working hard would chart a great future.

We admonished them to identify the different types of learners they might be, either audio, visual, tactile and showing them the pyramid of retention, they should be willing to teach their colleagues as well because according to the National Training Laboratory, teaching others makes you retain 90% of what is taught and possibly using a Mind Map.
Myself presenting to SHS.
Photo credit: Nana Opoku-Ware

Therefore, building yourself up for the future, they need to strive to further their education, learn new skills (communication, computer, networking, social media), volunteer, have internship with organizations, be engaged in extra curricular activity such as joining clubs (writers and debate), attending seminars and talks among others.

We concluded by quoting Anthony Shay “Life is what you make it, so make the best out of it”

Author: Narian Lincoln
Cameron presenting to the SHS Class. Photo credit: Nana Opoku-Ware